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C.P.’s Blog Map


Last updated on 06 October 2018

  He profits most who serves best.

                                 – Motto of International Rotary

My Blogging objectives

—  Publishing details of events conducted in my college.

—  Providing essential input to the student community, particularly  teacher  trainees.

—  Getting in touch with my peers, particularly teacher educators.

—  Making available useful materials for teachers free of cost.

—  Sharing my personal and academic interests and experiences.

—  Speaking out my heart to the public and the community  to which I have an obligation.

List of Blogs  I  have created with  viewership details and links

  1. www.centenaryconference.blogspot.com

This Blog was an innovative attempt to provide  Conference updates right from the day, the  Conference was  conceived by the college where I teach. It turned out to be immensely useful for  teachers, scholars and students interested in getting information about the Conference on a day-to-day basis. According to some,  this was  the first venture in Kerala to provide  Conference details on a day-to-day basis using a Blog.

Int Conf-all time historyInt conf-country

  1.  www.rangostav2011.blogspot.com

This Blog served as an immediate  publishing platform of the results with images of the ‘Inter-Training College Arts Festival’ organized by the college where I teach. The material posted in the Blog was authentic data intended for the Press and the Public keen on getting information regarding individual title holders along with their images.

Rangostav-all time historyRangostav-country

  1. www.cteathleticmeet-2011.blogspot.com

This Blog  served as an immediate  publishing platform of the results with images of the ‘Inter-Training College Athletic Meet’ organized by the college where I teach. The material posted in the Blog was authentic data intended for the Press and the Public keen on getting information regarding  winners of various events.

CTE athmeet-all time historyCTE-ath meet-country

  1. www.aksharadeepam2010.blogspot.com


This Blog was created to publish an  Online version of the Print edition of the College Magazine of Govt. College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram (which celebrated its centenary year during 2010-2011) with select articles. Popular content available  in the Blog includes  a conversation with the Malayalam writer, Ezhacheri Ramachandran. Incidentally, the Print version of the magazine  was adjudged as the ‘Best Training College Magazine’ for 2010.

Aksharadeepam-all time historyAksharadeepam-country

  1. http://cpteach2009.edublogs.org/

This Blog entitled Phoenix,  serves as a publishing platform  of the Department of English, Govt. College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State. Popular content available in this Blog includes: # 10. Question Paper : Model Examination Paper X and # 11. Academic Plan 2010-2011. Trainees of the college who missed major events organized by the Department could find essential information and images posted in this Blog.

In August  2013 this  blog  was  ranked 4664 in the world (among the 30 million domains)


  1. www.cpstudent.blogspot.com

This Blog  serves as a platform for my trainees to prune and publish their written assignments and gain a wide readership. The popular content available in this Blog includes : # 5. English translation of Kumaran Asan’s verses and  # 4. English translation of Malayalam film lyrics.

CPstudent blog-all time viewscpstudent blog-country

  1. www.kuetef.blogspot.com

This Blog was launched specifically for the Kerala University English Teacher Educator’s Forum. It soon became a trendsetter in teacher training programmes in Kerala. It was begun as  an information sharing platform on aspects related to BEd. curriculum   transaction for teacher educators  in colleges affiliated to the University of Kerala. Some of its popular content includes # 42. Lesson Plan on Interactive Model, # 26. Sample Question Paper Blue Print, and # 23. Model Achievement Test. A  number of students and teachers from several institutions in India and abroad visit  this Blog regularly.

KUTEF-all time historyKUETEF-country

  1. www.cpraveenpublications.blogspot.com

This Blog was created with the objective of providing  links to  my articles and to  websites which have  linked/ posted my  articles in their website under the Creative Commons License. Popular content available in the Blog include a classification of articles under three  heads- ELT, Education and Miscellaneous.

cpraveenpub-all time historycpaveenpub-country

9.   www.elteducationabstracts.blogspot.com

This Blog  provides regular updates of  the abstracts of  papers  which I have presented at Conferences and Seminar. They deal with themes  as varied as  Information and Communication Technology,   the use of films for teaching, Education and English Language Teaching. To make it easy  for  visitors to scroll down and view,    a  couple of Pages  containing related  materials  were removed in December 2015.

ELT,ed abstractsELT-Ed abstracts-country

  1. http://eltnotes.wordpress.com/

This Blog was created to publish the notes which I prepared both while attending seminars and while reading books. The popular content in this Blog includes:# 8. The Synectic Model for teaching English, # 15. Texting and Fossilization  and # 17. Some howlers in English.

ELT Notes-all time historyELT Notes-country

In  June 2015 this  blog  was  ranked 39th   in the world (among the 30 million domains)

Please view :


 11. http://eltchat.wordpress.com/

This Blog was created  with the specific objective of publishing my views on English Language Teaching (ELT). One popular post is published under the title:  ‘Cultural Snobbery or Cultural Shock?’

ELt chat-all time historyELT chat-country

In  June 2015 this  blog  was  ranked 39th   in the world (among the 30 million domains)

Please view :


  1. http://cpteach.edublogs.org/

This Blog  entitled Eduthink serves as a platform for publishing notes/write-up that do not fit into pre-determined  formats. Popular content available  in this Blog includes : # 4. Best Practices in Higher Education, # 8. Frustrating Questions and # 10. Reflections on Practice Teaching  2009-10.

13.   www.cpraveeneduchat.blogspot.com

This Blog was created to publish micro articles on education. It mostly includes  my personal reflection  on educational matters. Some popular posts include : #  32. What is life without research?, # 29. Does environment affect a child’s temperament?, # 18. Does the Internet kill reading and # 16. Whither simple etiquette?

educhat-all time historyeduchat -country

14. www.cpraveeneltconsultant.blogspot.com

This Blog was created  to  serve as a platform for updating  the academic work  which I have hitherto undertaken.

ELT-Ed Consultant-all time historyELT-Ed consultant-country

15. www.gctetvmcentenary.blogspot.com

This  Blog was  created to  provide information regarding the  Centenary Celebrations of the Government College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State. As I was a faculty and former student of the college, I was assigned the role of Convenor of the Media and Publicity Committee.  When the curtains were about to fall  on the celebrations many alumni and  well wishers of the college  wanted  to  get information about the major programmes during the  period of the celebration- June 2010  to June 2012. Hence this  Blog was launched.

CTE centenary-alltime historycte-centenary-country

  1. http://phoneix2.wordpress.com/

 Phoenix was the  Blog of the Department of English, Government College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State India where I teach. The free space  provided  by Edublogs was exhausted  after nearly thirty posts. This necessitated the  launch of Phoenix II in WordPress. The Blog is fairly new but the very first post  ‘A Memorable Trip’ is becoming  quite popular.

Phoenix II all time historyPhoenix II-country

In June 2015 this  blog  was  ranked 38th  in the world (among the 30 million domains)

Please view  http://phoneix2.wordpress.com.webstatsdomain.org/

17. www.airiokerala.blogspot.com

This is the  Blog of  the  Association of International Researchers  of Indian Origin (AIRIO), Kerala Chapter. It was  launched following the first  General Body meeting  held on 05 January 2012.  For almost an year, the Kerala Chapter was inactive. But once they started meeting regularly in 2013,  information regarding their activities  was updated.  So almost all   the  posts in this Blog  are  relatively new.

AIRIO-all time historyAIRIO-Country

  1. http://cparticlearchives1.wordpress.com/

In May 2014, while attempting to take stock of  viewership details, I noticed that a  few articles which I published Online in certain Websites   have been archived and  were no longer  accessible   for public viewing. Hence this Blog was launched to re-publish  such articles.

Article archive-all time historyArticle archive-country

  1. https://brennenbreeze.wordpress.com/

In December 2013, I was transferred to Govt. Brennen College of Teacher Education, Thalassery.  The trainees of the college are quite active on  Whatsapp. Recently (March 2015)  I  joined the group of the present batch which they had named ‘Brennen Breeze’.  Though  Whatspp has several features, I found the need to launch  a Blog to document the activities  of  the English Optional trainees of the college. Hence this Blog…

Brennen Breeze-all time historyBrennen breeze-country

  1. https://fetku.wordpress.com/

Kannur University has revised its BEd curriculum  and in July 2015 is expected to  commence offering  their first ever two year BEd programme. This blog entitled  FET@KU was  launched  in June 2015 through consensus of the English Teacher Educators of  Kannur University to address the need for a common platform to share ideas and resources.

FETKU all time history

 21. https://socioed.wordpress.com

 From July 2015,  I was directed to teach the new batch of two year MEd students who joined  the Government College of Teacher Education at Thiruvananthapuram. For almost a decade I had been teaching ELT and  quite suddenly I had to engage sessions on Sociology of Education. I soon  felt a need for launching Socio-Ed… a blog for initiating online  discussion on topics related to Sociology and Education.

Socio-ed all time historySocio-ed country


In November 2015,  the Organizing Secretary of the Annual-cum-International Conference of the All India Association for Educational Research (AIAER) on Standards and Benchmarks for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Research  requested me to launch a Blog for  the benefit  of delegates. As the Conference is  organized in collaboration with the college I am  currently serving, I obliged.

 AIAER Conf-all time historyAIAER Conf-country

 23. www.plenaryabstracts.blogspot.com

By December 2015,  I had  chaired  several conferences  and seminars  and had  the opportunity to deliver the Key note address  occasionally.  I often found that those who visit  my Blogs   were not able to quickly  access my  Plenary  Abstracts.   Hence this blog was launched.

24. www.cpprojectabstracts.blogspot.com

 The  abstract of my PhD thesis  had been  regularly  viewed  by  visitors till November 2015.  In December  an attempt  to   edit the Pages  resulted in losing  them completely.  Hence this Blog C.P. Project Abstracts was launched.

  1. https://supervisedstudy.wordpress.com/

Ever since I was posted to the Post Graduate department,  I had  to  spend  quite a lot of time  supervising   students  preparing  their   dissertations. A  compilation of the gist of  dissertations  supervised  earlier, I found would  become handy  for both my students and  myself. Hence this Blog on Supervised Study was launched.

26.  www.edufruit.blogspot.com

Edufruit is  a Blog of the  two year MEd students  (Second batch; 2016-2018) of  Govt. College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State, India. This Blog  was launched to serve as a discussion platform for topics prescribed for study. The Blog  quite surprisingly  was viewed  more than a hundred  times  within  two days of its launch and continues to  be viewed regularly by many from  different countries.


27. www.genderquest2017.blogspot.com

Gender Quest 2017 was basically launched to disseminate  information on Gender, School and Society- a significant area identified by the National Curriculum Framework For Teacher Education.

  1. http://iaseconnect.blogspot.com/

In June 2018, I was transferred to the Institute of Advanced Study in Education, Thrissur and was later given full additional charge of Principal. The Institute has a website but is not longer updated and  will shortly  be getting a new website which is being  designed by the Department of Collegiate Education. In the mean time, to update information on activities in the institute, IASE Connect was launched in July 2018.

Select articles list and viewership

Title of  Blog and Websites    Total  articles Total viewership
Articlesbase 36 6996

as on   15  Aug 2013

ESL Forum/ESL Directory 05 451075

as on   07 July 2017





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